Soccer Club

We use soccer as a vehicle for transformative impact

Why Soccer? For most of our youth, soccer is not merely a sport, but a universal language and an outlet to just be a kid.

  • Soccer serves as tool to develop youth in a way that is both meaningful and relevant. 
  • It is the great equalizer and speaks into the hearts of people around the world.
  • It plays a crucial role that supports youth in various ways and connects communities that share different beliefs, languages, nationalities, and religions.

Are you interested in joining as a player?

  • Interest Player Form. Please click and fill out this form

  • Schedule tryout(s) with Director of Coaching 816.674.0345 or email

  • Tryout Process: We will be assessing attitude, soccer skills, and physical ability.

  • If accepted, we will begin the player onboarding process at which time we will need: Legal ID, photo, and internal waivers, and most recent report card.

Thank you for your interest in joining Global FC!

Global FC Soccer Programming is committed to:

  • Providing underserved youth with quality soccer opportunities and access to the best facilities, leagues and tournaments in their city.
  • Leveraging the power of soccer to equip youth towards a brighter future by inspiring youth success on and off the field by encouraging youth to pursue their greatest potential as individuals and athletes.
  • Using soccer as an incentive to increase academic performance, behavior and to build community leaders and ambassadors.
  • Investing in youth from our nation’s low income families by providing access to quality sports opportunities, breaking the “pay to play” model. Additionally, we aim to bridge socio-economic disparities between have and have not communities through the formation of an inclusive sports culture.


Boys' Program

Boys’ Program Initiatives:

Youth Teams U10 – U18

Heartland Soccer Association League Play

Elite Tournament Teams

Elementary and Community Clinics

Girls' Program

Girls’ Program Initiatives

In Summer of 2023, we relaunched our Girls’ Program.

Elementary and Community Clinics Specifically for Girls

Phase 2: Spring 2024

As interest allows, develop girls youth teams.


Additional Soccer Opportunities

ECNL (Elite Clubs National League)

ODP (Olympic Development Program)

Global FC is committed to providing the highest level of soccer competition and opportunities to underserved youth who would otherwise be limited due to financial, transportation, and other constraints. Besides competitive league and tournament opportunities, Global FC provides enrolled youth pathways to the ECNL (Elite Clubs National League) & ODP (Olympic Development Program) opportunities so that players can achieve their highest potential as athletes.

Through our Community Alliance with Kansas City Scott Gallagher, Global FC has provided players with ECNL opportunities and placements, allowing them to take their skills nationwide. KCSG provides full scholarships annually to selected GFC players. The ECNL represents the epitome of excellence in youth soccer, for boys and girls, as the league and its clubs, players, coaches, and everyone involved seeks to constantly “Raise the Game” for the future. Learn more about the ECNL.

Through our partnership with Kansas State Youth Soccer Association (KSYSA), Global FC highest level players are provided scholarships to nationwide ODP camps to maximize their potential as athletes. “ODP identifies players of the highest caliber on a continuing and consistent basis, which will lead to increased success for the U.S. National Teams in the international arena.” Learn more about the ODP.

Coach With Us!

Are you passionate about the game of soccer? Are you wanting to use soccer as a vehicle to positively impact underserved youth? The Global Futbol Community is the perfect place for you. Teach the skills of soccer to kids from around the world, while allowing it to be an enriching and life-transformational experience for you as a coach and mentor. Contact us today to discuss coaching opportunities.

Want to Coach for Global FC?

Reach out by emailing or call 816.674.0345


Visit our Volunteer page.

“We speak with our feet.”
(River Roner from Thailand, when asked, how do you communicate with your teammates that come from all over the world and speak different languages?)

“For New American youth, soccer helps build relationships and human connections. It enables them to experience a transition into normalcy much quicker, providing a physical and social outlet as well as respite from an otherwise dire and often times precarious environment, thus regaining a sense of security…..where kids can just be kids. A distraction from stress, boredom, and trauma relating to their past experience and current challenges.”

“I thought I would be helping and teaching the kids, which I am. What surprised me was how much they help, and teach me.”

(Peter Weaver, Head Coach)

“Sport builds bridges across social, economic, and cultural divides within societies and by building a sense of shared identity and fellowship among groups that might otherwise be inclined to treat each other with distrust, hostility, or violence. Through sports programs, youth are taught how to handle conflict, how to approach both losing and winning with character, and provide an outlet for people of differing religions, ethnicities, countries, or political ideations to come together. Once playing together, often youth uncover the stereotypes about the other culture which fosters a sense of peace, trust, and security of other cultures.”

“Global FC is not just a club, it’s a family for the love and care it is showing us. Getting to know immigrants from around the world has taught me a lot. GLOBAL FC is my happiness, being around kids from different regions reminds and teaches me a lot”

(Global FC youth: Darcy Mupenda -Congo)