Our Impact

Our longterm approach and year-round programming leverages the power of soccer and community, while providing resources, opportunities and relationships to build players to ambassadors.

Largest and most comprehensive non-profit organization serving refugee youth in Kansas City, MO

Over the years:

  • Hundreds of youth supported
  • Hundreds of families engaged
  • Hundreds of volunteers’ lives transformed
  • Hundreds of hours of educational workshops provided
  • Hundreds of hours of special events
  • Thousands of hours of programming
  • Hundreds of hours of community service completed by youth

Special Partnerships:

  • City-wide partnerships and collaborations
  • Local and international recognition of our work and impact

Read our:

GFC 2020 Impact Report

GFC 2021 Impact Report

GFC 2022 Impact Report (Coming Soon)

How we create impact:

  • year-round programming
  • long-term approach
  • access to quality soccer programming
  • engage and support the family unit
  • advocate as a voice for the youth in the community, home and school
  • community approach
  • academic support
  • community building through service projects
  • mentoring opportunities and chains
  • develop community ambassadors
  • we bridge communities

We support youth physically, emotionally, and socially, equipping them with the tools and relationships towards a brighter future. Global FC youth enjoy the benefits of fitness activity, which include enhanced self-confidence and improved self-image. Emotionally, for our newly arrived youth, soccer allows for the healing of memories, thus alleviating emotional distress incurred throughout a refugeeā€™s displacement and a safe place to channel feelings of frustration or aggression.

Our various programming enables them to uncover their greatest God-given potential while cultivating an environment of belonging. Socially, Global FC youth participate in and contribute towards community building through events and service projects. The Global FC community provides the opportunity to learn respect, guidance, develop decision-making skills, grow as servant leaders and to build a life plan through mentoring chains.