What We Do

At Global FC, our mission and vision set the tone for all that we do!

Vision: Global FC exists to bridge diverse cultures to come together, forming just communities where all are free to be fully-known and fully-loved in pursuit of their God-given purpose and potential.

Mission: Global FC uses soccer as a vehicle for transformative impact.


Specifically, we focus our transformative impact efforts to create HOPE for our youth:

Hope in PLAY, Hope in SELF, Hope in FUTURE.




We recognize that soccer can serve as a powerful tool for youth and community development. We leverage soccer to provide hope and a sense of normalcy for vulnerable youth. Besides the right to play, we offer comprehensive programs and services:


Global FC is a community at our foundational level. To support our youth we rely on a network of micro-communities made up of Team Mentors built around each soccer team. This community aspect allows us to leverage high level relationships through mentorship to address the skills and assets the youth will need to develop.


Global FC was established to “build a community not an organization.” More than providing services, Global FC creates connectedness by facilitating the modern American Melting Pot. Global FC players are drawn into their new community through an appreciation for the unique contributions their native cultures make to their new home. With a spirit of acceptance, Global FC youth, families and volunteers meld, providing youth the encouragement to succeed as Americans in their new land of opportunity. Our community approach enables new American youth to experience a transition into normalcy much quicker, providing a physical and social outlet as well as respite from an otherwise precarious environment, thus regaining a sense of security.

“Global FC is a team of many nations and one awesome family”

(Nejmadin Ahmad, Sudan)