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Volunteering with Global FC is an opportunity to positively impact underserved youth, be change agents in the community, and to have fun in the meantime. In addition to these important individual and societal benefits, volunteering with Global FC provides an enriching and transformational experience to grow in one’s cultural competency skills, and exploring one’s passions. Whatever your background or experience, we welcome you to invest in our cause as a volunteer. Will you join us?

We need volunteers to serve as the TEAM MENTORS in the micro-communities!

Within EACH micro-community, there are a variety of opportunities for TEAM MENTORS to connect with youth and support program logistics.

Team Mentors not only support a GFC youth team, but are meant to function as a team themselves. Therefore, these opportunities are designed for the mentor team to accomplish collectively. Facilitation of the opportunities may be flexible and fluid and based on team mentor strengths, preferences, and availability.

Team Mentor Functions




Head Soccer Coach

Assistant Soccer Coach

Team Mentor Activities Liaison

Team Mentor Activities Facilitation

Individual Academic Mentorship

Matched Mentorship

Transportation Coordination

Community Service Coordination

Snacks Coordination


Driving Youth


Join our mission by becoming a volunteer! The first step for all volunteers is to complete our Volunteer Application. We look forward to hearing from you!

“I have lived in Kansas City all my life and finally learned that the only way to truly gain knowledge about the different barriers within our city was to go be present on the other side of the said barriers. You cannot learn what people truly need without being in relationship with them and understanding where they come from. That’s why Global FC has been such an amazing thing for me, it’s given me that link to the Northeast that I’ve been looking for, with an added bonus of something I love- soccer! Observers may think us volunteers are blessing the refugee families through our service, but the truth is, the refugee families are blessing us through their love, and compassion and willingness to let us into their lives.”

(Liz Niederhauser)